About Us

Preference Inc ., is a company at Dhaka in Bangladesh. We concern ourselves with all things related to leather and leather is our #1 priority. We recognize the importance of leather and the need for everyone to have access to leather and of leather, and we are here to bridge the gap between our clients and quality leather and its products.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to supply any and every person with high quality leather, footwear, leather goods and original and safe chemicals for leather.

Vision Statement

We want to grow by creating formidable relationships with our suppliers and customers, and grow into a world power in the leather, footwear and leather products industry.

Why Choose Us?

This question might be lingering in your mind and we have three strong reasons that will convince you to do business with us:

A team that has had skill and expertise

We are reliable and trustworthy.

We place a priority on the satisfaction of our clients, every time.

A trial will convince you, and we are certain you will be back every single time.

Contact us today, and have a first-hand experience.