Our Services

Answers to questions you can not find anywhere else.

Leather is our #1 priority, and we understand the importance of leather anywhere. In and from Bangladesh, we offer the following services:

Tailor-made solutions

-Customised solution tailored to suit your individual needs.

Our chemicals is characterised by its high quality, environmental friendliness and economy in use. In combination with individual technical service and advice on applications it can be ensured that the maximum use for leather production, engineers is always guaranteed.

Our creative, innovative and dynamic team has the knowledge, the skills and the expertise needed to create for you any article or product related to leather that will push your business to the front – and keep it there.

Importation, Trading, and Indentation

We create and solidify business relationships with foreign companies that produce chemicals for leather processing. By creating these relationships, we mark our position as the exclusive distributor of their chemicals in Bangladesh. We import surfactant, beamhouse chemicals and its auxiliaries, a range of tanning materials, and a number of retanning agents and auxiliaries and fat liquors along with dyes.

We also partake in importing and selling of these chemicals all over Bangladesh. Another service we offer is the indentation of these chemicals for any importer.

Supplying or sourcing of Leather, footwear and Leather Products

If you are in search of any type of leather which you think is rare or you have trouble finding, we will make it a point of duty to source it for you. If you ever need any leather products ranging from footwear to key ring, from leatherwear to belts, we are here for you.