Why us?

Whatever you think for leather and for of leather, click here to meterialise

We love your passion for fashion

We are passionate of why it is leather and of Bangladesh origin and finally with Preference Inc.,

The style that makes you feel the one!

The leather, for that you dream of.

The leather goods- that which makes other think you especial!

Our Capital: Honesty

Our Driving Force: Sincere Effort

Our Ability: Skill and expertise for and of

The leather, it is natural. It still glitters in the most expensive and splendid international ramps and at the most luxurious fashion show be it in Paris, Milano, New York, or Shanghai or at Tokyo. It shines with its own glamour and luxury be it on foot, at hand or on shoulder.

The Bangladesh origin leather having its own grain pattern unlike of other parts of the world leaves it lofty and coveted for the buyers across the globe to buy it even lavishly.

Especially the goat skin of a district of Bangladesh named Kustia is being branded in its own name as Kustia Goat Skin for its very fine gain pattern even unlike other parts of Bangladesh, apart from and assuredly no other like in the world.

The footwear that eases walking and resting your foot on by meeting your trendy mind!

Footwear on which your foot rests or steps to walk miles where your heels through which your nervous systems glides to end at the top point of your toe, that has a scientific value and this which you wear makes your skin contact with, so think for us because we add scientific value and meet the health and environmental challenges. And leather goods that ranges from luxury leather jacket to your card holder, from ladies purse to key ring, that is, any kind product of leather, our company can supply and source from Bangladesh.

Our creative, innovative and dynamic team can afford to unfold your yearning desire for fashion, for, our products measure up to your elegant design and offer you a longing style, good health and a safe environment around you.